Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back From Camp

Got the rig home Friday afternoon after a couple of weeks at "RV camp" in Sacramento with Dr. George. The front wrap-around windows on the overcab are now watertight, so I can start painting and reupholstering on the inside. The 'fun' part.

In addition to the window seals, the rig now has a brand new water heater with electronic ignition and a new windshield on the cab (replacing the original which had a number of rock-dings-turned-spiders ready to turn into large cracks).

Restored to full function is the Firestone Ride-Rite air suspension system, which allows a good bit of load-leveling while under way and a small amount of leveling while parked and camping. Since the old Dometic propane-electric refrigerator has to be level to run on gas, push-button leveling will be a worthwhile convenience.

While the rig was away, I took the time to play around with revised graphics that will fit better with the finished look. The original Sunrader logo looks a bit like it belongs in the back of a Sunset magazine circa 1978. It isn't that I have anything particularly against orange-with-brown, but I would have a hard time re-doing the interior in that color scheme without wearing a pair of vintage white Carrera Skiman sunglasses. So, with the magic that is Photoshop, here is a take on revising the logo.

My ultimate goal, I think, will be to restore the 'rader to something that looks old school, but with colors that are a bit sharper and more contemporary. I do still like the look of the gradient side-stripes from the late 80s too. The dashboard and trim in the Toyota cab are all in grey, so that will be the foundation for the rest of the color-scheme in the coach. We just picked out new fabrics for the seats and rear cushions, as well as carpet for the cab, and overcab bunk. I'll also have the door panels re-covered. No shag this time.

Today the cabinet doors come off, holes get patched, panels get cleaned and prepped and everything gets a coat of primer. I suspect the rig will look much different tonight. Photos to come.


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  1. Maybe I can stay in it on one of my visits someday!