Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Commission

Soon we launch the Sunrader on the first trip of its new commission. There is still plenty of work to do, lots of bits and pieces as I've said, but it is well and truly roadworthy now.

I got a little behind on things like picking out fabric for new curtains, so I took a chance on some black RIT dye from the supermarket and ran the old ones through the wash. As you may notice, the curtains from the rear window did not survive the process. 20 years of sun exposure will do that to you! But the rest came through in sort of a taupe-tinged charcoal that looks decent enough to work for now. I'm thinking something in a cycling print for the final window coverings...

This week was about lots of finish work. Replacing the cutting board to fit into the left sink, reattaching cabinet doors and adjusting latches, finding an after-market latch to hold the fridge shut while underway. Thanks to the folks at Allied Trailer in San Leandro for lots of help and suggestions. The Web is great, but people who know their stuff are the real deal.

I also went through all the major systems. Hot water is back online, the fridge works on all three power sources (phew) and the stove lights up like a champ. Water flows. Tanks empty.

I'm sure we're going to overload with too much stuff and still pull out of the driveway with one or two things (hopefully not tools) that we'll need along the road. We have a great time watching the so I'm looking forward to catching some time with the kids for that, and meeting up with cycling buddies on the road too. Hmmm, may have to put the bike on the back of the rig for this trip. I suppose that wast he whole point anyway.


  1. Looks really nice. Totally envious but know it will happen for us too - some day! Hadn't thought about dyeing the existing curtains. I did wash them and they came out okay. A little unraveling at the ends but nothing that can't be taken care of. I need to find someone who truly knows what's what with the stove and refrigerator, etc. The fridge does work - so our friend said. The stove - never used but with the chewed pile of insulation in the oven makes me concerned until it gets a thorough going through. We figure we will use a microwave and small electrical appliances for a while. I like the clean appearance of your carpet, so nice to have brand spanking new! Nice for you!! And the painted cupboards - another thing I hadn't considered but really like the look as well. Keep posting your improvements! And, let us know how your trip goes.

  2. Thank you! The curtains worked well on the first trip. They look much better in photos than in person (a few of them have some pretty rough spots after 20 years in the sun) but it is a vast improvement over the original pink-ish-beige.

    Thanks for the kind comments. I've had a huge amount of fun renovating the rig. And I guess the best news is it will never, ever, ever be DONE :)