Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 - The New List

I'm not quite sure whether it was the discovery of BBC's Top Gear on Netflix or just the call of an old friend in the driveway as I walk back and forth to work on a winter morning, but I've been back to thinking about new projects for the little Sunrader.

First up, the counters are getting replaced, along with the sink and a few other bits that go with them. I had considered completely redoing the kitchen cabinet section, but I've thought the better of it for now (I am no cabinet maker). Lucky for me, Beth's dad manufactures laminate countertop, so I have a great resource for a little bit of custom work!

Next, I'm replacing all the clearance/marker lights with new LED units sourced from I've had good luck with their products on the tail lights already. The clearance lights are still original on the rig. They have held up admirably, which is to say that they all work. Mostly. With a few taps and fiddles now and again to work a clean spot back onto the contacts. I've already removed one of the red lights along the rear roofline and it literally crumbled in my hands as I tried to get the silicone around it to release. Time for an update, indeed.

I've discovered that I may actually like fiddling with the Sunrader as much, or even more than I like heading off on a camping trip. Nothing like a good bit of tinkering to clear the head, and nothing like signs of progress to warm the heart.

Also on the list for 2012 will be new curtains, new locks on the exterior compartment doors, finishing out the interior lighting, a new powered HD antenna...hmmm that's enough for now I reckon.

Must check the tyre pressures before the Stig takes a practice lap. Ta for now.

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