Sunday, January 17, 2010

Carpet, carpet, carpet and more carpet today. There was a time when green-brown shag was the thing. That time has clearly passed.

The good news today was that the floor looks almost entirely sound. There is a bit of dry rot way in the back that may or may not need to be addressed. I may go get a second opinion.

Duncan helped out for a bit, replacing the speakers in the cab. Fortunately, we had some more recent vintage Kenwoods aging in the guesthouse garage. They're a perfect fit and a quick upgrade from the paper cones that came stock in 1990.

Ripping the carpet out of the cab of the truck was almost as big a chore as getting it out of the back. For whatever reason, the installation included about a dozen screws hidden in various locations throughout the cab.

Plenty of holes to fill before the carpet is replaced with something more appropriate. I am still trying to decide whether to use something like Dynamat in the cab. It's heavy (downside) but could make a considerable difference in road noise.

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