Sunday, January 24, 2010

Endless Carpet; Roof Repair

Plastic tarps are not only ugly, they can quickly cause scuff marks on the side of the motorhome, so the #1 priority for the weekend, weather permitting, was the resealing of the vent pipe cap on the driver's side.

I was in a bit of a hurry with rainclouds boiling in the distance, but a new cap ($3.99), some butyl tape and self leveling sealant and it should be watertight. Not a difficult repair, but it did take two trips to the trailer supply shop in San Leandro so it was a good part of the afternoon.

Next up, more carpet removal therapy. The cab is now completely free of shag and only a good brushing and vacuuming away from being ready for a new carpet kit.
The over cab area was relatively easy to clean out compared to the main floor of the coach, probably because it can all be done standing up. For good or for bad, the carpet removal uncovered some remaining damp from the week of rain. The front window seals will need to be replaced and that's probably more than I'm willing to tackle in the driveway for now. Better to discover the issue now than after a bunch of new carpet and finish work goes in.

The quantity of fasteners used to attach the carpeting is astounding. I have piles and piles of little rusty staples everywhere in the rig. I suppose the good news is that we'll be that much lighter when underway once things are all restored. I'm interested every time i pull back a bit more carpet, as it further reveals the structure of the Sunrader. Lots of stainless steel screws and fiberglass. Its in remarkable condition for 20 years old.

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