Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lots of tear-out today. First the old window coverings and the seat covers (Camo? Really?) and the spray-glued on black dashboard carpet. Fortunately, the dash underneath is like new -- impressive for a 20-year-old vehicle.

All the seat cushions in the back will be replaced completely, as will the over-cab bed. The wall-to-wall 'was it originally green or brown' shag carpet will come out too. Ick. Plus, it has too much 'history' in it, frankly.

The walls in the Sunrader are essentially foam insulation with a wallpaper-like interior finish. There are quite a few screw-holes that will need to be filled in, then the decision is whether to paint or paper over the existing finish. Both seem viable choices, and there just isn't that much surface area to cover which should make it relatively quick.

The current thinking on the cabinets is to go with grey paint to come closer to matching the truck cab interior. Personally, I prefer the rig to look more like a truck and less like it is trying to be someone's apartment.

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