Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Under the Weather

Nothing like a giant series of rainstorms to expose any leaking. The bathroom vent pipe, which goes through the closet and up through the roof of the Sunrader, started producing a small trickle of water when the rain picked up.

The seal around the vent cover has been plastered with gobs of silicone over the years and really needs a proper replacement. I've yet to decide whether to tackle this one myself or have the pros do it. I think it is a relatively simple matter of resetting it with some butyl tape and a tidy bead of silicone, but I'm hesitant simply because of the downside risk. There is a bit of old, easily repairable water damage in the closet but I'd prefer to limit the problems if I can.

Given the quantity of rain in the Bay Area, pontoons may be a necessary addition to the rig as well. I'm just sayin'.

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